Finally Understand How to Make an Exit Plan

Many business owners know that business exit planning is necessary.  However, knowing where, when, or how to start is a challenge.  Ashland Capital Advisors will work with you to make an exit plan that fits the unique goals of you and your business.

The ExitView Benefits


Do you wonder, “how much is my business worth?”  Through ExitView, you will learn the current value of your business and the factors that influence that value.

Strategy & Guidance

Selling your company is complex. Ashland provides education and context to build robust exit strategies for entrepreneurs.

Wealth Engineering

ExitView determines how ongoing business profits, together with a forecasted exit value, support your long-term goals.

Business Sale Process

Demystify the process of selling a business.  Learn the best time to sell a business.  Understand the difference between a good broker and a great one.

Post Sale

What’s your next horizon? ExitView can be there, before the beginning, collaborating on new opportunities.

Why do you need an exit strategy?

Imagine your business in 1 to 10 years.  Beyond the day-to-day business operations, what long-term goals do you have?  Ashland Capital Advisors created ExitView to design the “roadmap” for these long-term goals, including an optimal exit strategy.  ExitView brings together a combination of education, valuation, guidance and planning; providing business owners with a clear plan for navigating their business ownership.

Our goal is to guide you through the process of making a business exit plan.  Together, we will create a comprehensive business exit strategy that supports your goals and accounts for the complexities of your life.  The process can range from a one-on-one engagement to our long-term involvement as a member of your trusted advisory team. ExitView brings focus and clarity to the multi-faceted undertaking of planning your business exit.

“I simply don’t know how we could have sold our business without Ashland.”

Melanie — Right at Home

“You understand the financial end of my business better than I ever did.”

“It felt great to make a plan for building enterprise value…a roadmap to where we are now confidently going.”

Faye — Big Grove Brewery

“Our engagement with Ashland changed three times; each seamless.”

Ben — Kegcraft Services